We’re revolutionizing analysis

The Ox platform supports the use of structured analytic techniques that align data with an organization’s decision-making needs while simultaneously enforcing rigor, consistency, and transparency at the individual level.

Ox enables users to track the performance of their decisions, helping them use data to refine their frameworks over time and scale proven frameworks across the enterprise

How Ox Can Benefit Your Team

Easy to learn, easy to teach, requires no special equipment
Can be used alone or collaboratively
Can be used quickly to meet tight deadlines
Works on a range of analytic and decision-making challenges
Documents how judgments evolve over time
Measures complexities of an issue and interrelationships between criteria
Is a living tool the user can adjust as new information is received
Identifies gaps in knowledge and their impact
Enables users to explore, test, and compare multiple approaches to the same problem
Factors in unknown unknowns
Ensures analytic criteria are adaptive and responsive to shifting requirements and priorities
Provides a consistent and transparent scoring mechanism for confidence and conviction

Intelligence Use Case

An analyst is tasked with determining whether a report provides reliable intelligence on a WMD program. Luckily the Ox platform has helped their organization develop a battle-tested framework that provides consistent and easy-to-interpret results for decision makers.

Provides transparency for analytical judgements

Ensures that all confidence estimates sit within the same scale

Guides analysts through the evaluation process

Mitigates personal and organizational bias

Investment Use Case

A venture capital firm is determining whether or not to add a company to its portfolio. It leverages the Ox platform to identify which criteria have previously led to more profitable outcomes, providing a more objective, data-driven, and iterative approach to the process.

Leverages historical results to improve evaluation criteria

Provides an objective approach to evaluation

Provides metrics on the success rate of a given analyst

Saves time by providing simple, communicative reports