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Ox Intel formed as part of the Hacking 4 Ministry of Defence postgraduate program in the department of War Studies at King’s College London. Based in the US, we work with senior stakeholders across the US and UK intelligence communities to design, develop, and deploy our technology.


Ox enables users to structure, track, and improve their decision-making, enlisting machines as partners in the process.

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analytical framework

Users and teams create frameworks for different types of repetitive decision-making and analytical processes.

feeDback mechanism

Users evaluate the performance of their decisions, refining and improving their frameworks based on data.


Ox identifies repetitive processes that can be automated to assist and augment human capabilities.


Analytical tasks are allocated more effectively, increasing efficiency while improving decision-making performance.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I believe Ox Intel’s technology represents a true game changer in intelligence, recognising the opportunity costs in failing to collect essential data that will optimise human judgements. Not only does Ox have the potential to solve existing problems, it will reinforce analytical rigour, streamline the evaluation of intelligence, and inform future priorities. I hope to see usage of Ox expanded across Five Eyes, strengthening intelligence sharing with our allies.

J B Crawford OBE

Gp Capt., Station Commander, Royal Air Force Leeming

The Ox model challenged my initial outcome expectation, helping to remove selection bias as the decision process moved forward. The tool allowed me to pressure test my hiring decision, challenging the process, and leading to more rigorous outcomes.

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Our Team

Our team brings years of experience working in intelligence, security and technology.

Portrait of Lila Ghosh

Lila Ghosh

Cofounder & CEO

Zachary Kitt


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Our Advisory Board

Portrait of Ox boardmember Martin Petersen

Martin Petersen

Martin Petersen spent 33 years with the CIA, having served as both Deputy Executive Director and Acting Executive Director. He ran two large analytic units before becoming Associate Deputy Director of Intelligence for Strategic Plans and Programs, the First Chief Human Resources Officer for CIA, and Deputy Executive Director. He also contributed substantially to the creation of the CIA’s Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis.

Portrait of Ox boardmember Sarah Sewall

Sarah Sewall

Sarah Sewall is Executive Vice President for Policy at In-Q-Tel, a strategic investor for the national security community.

Dr. Sewall served as Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy and Human Rights, responsible for issues ranging from counterterrorism to refugees, from 2014-2017.

She had previously taught at the Harvard Kennedy School for almost a decade, where she also directed the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and worked closely with the U.S. military to advance civilian protection in war. She was the inaugural Deputy Assistance from 1993-1996.

Before joining the Pentagon, she served for six years as Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell.

Dr. Sewall served on the Defense Policy Board under Defense Secretaries Gates and Hagel and is currently a board member of the Center for Naval Analyses and Creative Associates. She graduated from Harvard College and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, where she received her doctorate.

Portrait of Ox boardmember Christopher Taylor

Christopher Taylor

A global business leader and entrepreneur, Chris Taylor was most recently the CEO of Govini, a commercial data and analytics company focused on transforming the business of government through data science.

He is the Senior Advisor to the Managing Director of the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) at the Pentagon.

Chris previously founded Novitas Group, a tech startup that used a unique talent-opportunity matching technology platform to aid veterans in their search for meaningful employment in the communities of their choice.

Chris spent 14 years in the U.S. Marine Corps as an enlisted infantryman and Force Recon Marine. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, where he earned a MPA degree in Political Economy and International Security.

Portrait of Ox boardmember Kristin Wood

Kristin Wood

During her 20 years at CIA, Kristin Wood served across the Agency in the Director’s area and three Agency directorates – analysis, operations, and digital innovation – leading a wide variety of the Agency’s missions related to the Middle East, counter-terrorism, and open source technologies. Her post-Agency work focuses on advising start-ups tackling big data problems.

She is the President of Lumos Consulting, LLC, a Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center and serves on the Advisory Board for the International Spy Museum.

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