Optimizing Human Judgment

Integrating proven analytic techniques with big data infrastructures and analytics to improve and scale decision-making

Ox helps people make high-quality judgments, faster, by powering structured analytic techniques with AI

Decision-making is a complex process that usually takes place inside someone’s head. It’s often unclear, especially after the fact, how decisions get made. This makes it hard to scale good decision-making and impossible to leverage technology to assist in the decision-making process. The failure to leverage data on how decisions get made compromises future decisions. Ox is here to change that.

Analytical Framework

Users and teams create frameworks for different types of repetitive decision-making and analytical processes.


Users evaluate the performance of their decisions, refining and improving their frameworks based on data.


Ox identifies repetitive processes that can be automated to assist and augment human capabilities.

Human-Machine Teaming

Analytical tasks are allocated more effectively, increasing efficiency while improving decision-making performance.


I believe Ox Intel’s technology represents a true game changer in intelligence, recognising the opportunity costs in failing to collect essential data that will optimise human judgments. Not only does Ox have the potential to solve existing problems, it will reinforce analytical rigour, streamline the evaluation of intelligence, and inform future priorities.

– J B Crawford OBE
Gp Capt., Station Commander, Royal Air Force Leeming

It doesn’t matter how good of an analyst I am if I can’t show decision-makers how I arrived at my conclusions. Ox makes this process simple, visual, and repeatable, and provides a consistent and transparent mechanism for quantifying analytical confidence. Additionally, Ox helps make sure people don’t bother me while I’m on vacation, incorporating my expertise in areas like geopolitical analysis into my team’s shared knowledge base. 

– Cyber threat intelligence analyst at top 7 global financial institution

We use different Ox frameworks for different types of investment analysis. Using them helps clarify what’s driving our conviction or clarifies gaps in our knowledge, helping us feel more confident in both our yeses and our nos.”

– Investor at leading venture capital firm

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